Toronto March for Life

Toronto March for Life 2020 Live Stream

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2020 Toronto March for Life Live Stream! The goal of the Toronto March for Life has always been to come together to equip pro-lifers in Ontario to use our voices for life - every day of the year! Although we couldn't gather in person at Queen's Park in 2020, we presented the content from our workshops through a live stream.

We've included the videos from each segment of our live stream here below, so that even if you weren't able to join us live, you still have the opportunity to meet the pro-life movement in Toronto and beyond, and get equipped to take effective action to defend pre-born human rights!


Abortion in Canada

MP Cathay Wagantall and Other MPs

Changing Hearts and Minds on Abortion

Choosing Life in an Unplanned Pregnancy

MPP Will Bouma and MPP Sam Oosterhoff

Aid to Women

We Need A Law

Grassroots Momentum in Toronto

Concluding Remarks