Toronto March for Life

2021 Toronto March for Life - May 10-15

May 10-15 Activities from your home/neighbourhood
May 14 Live Stream
May 15 Pro-Life Day of Action across Ontario

Over the past year, many things have been cancelled. However, abortion is not one of them. In fact, according to some sources, demand for abortion has actually risen during the pandemic. That's why it's essential we stay active locally to change hearts and minds and save lives.

The Toronto March for Life is about making the pro-life message visible. And this year, from May 10th to May 15th, we are asking you to be a voice for the voiceless all across Toronto. Join us in activities you can do from home or in your neighborhood to share the pro-life message. We want to make sure that all of Toronto sees the pro-life message and we will work to equip you with ways to speak up even if we can't all gather at Queen's Park.

There will be a livestream hosted by Jonathon Van Maren on May 14th. Stay tuned for more details!

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2020 Toronto March for Life Live Stream

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2020 Toronto March for Life Live Stream! The goal of the Toronto March for Life has always been to come together to equip pro-lifers in Ontario to use our voices for life - every day of the year! Although we couldn't gather in person at Queen's Park in 2020, we presented the content from our workshops online.